Advocacy Update

744 lives saved due to our access to Naloxone … The Harm Reduction Action Center is pleased to announce that the Naloxone provided by the organization to the community has reversed 744 reported overdoses in the last 5 years. (12/17)  For those just joining us, Naloxone is the antagonist to opioids such as heroin, methadone, and prescription painkillers. It is a prescription medication, but it is not a controlled substance and has no abuse potential. When administered in a timely manner, Naloxone reverses the potentially fatal effects of an accidental overdose, saving a life. It is a simple and effective way to combat overdose in the community.


Vernon teaches the Naloxone training at Harm Reduction Action Center, thanks to the law that passed last year, SB 15-053 Standing Orders with Expansion to Naloxone. Once a client completes the training, he dispenses the Naloxone via a standing order.  He has trained over 2,000 folks overall. SB 15-053 was signed by the Governor on 4/3/15, allowing individuals like Vernon and other designated health educators at HRAC, as well as pharmacists and other community based providers, to prescribe Naloxone to clients under the standing order of a physician. This dramatically increases the availability of Naloxone in the community and has the capacity to greatly reduce the number of overdoses in Colorado.

“Everyone should get Naloxone training,” said Vernon. “If I overdose, who’s gonna save me?”


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