Read this recently published article to learn more about our agency’s advocacy agenda.

Bridges to Access – HRAC connects with healthcare providers statewide to discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with injection drug users. It is a common misconception that injection drug users do not care about their health, we actually talk about it every day in every way. HRAC is working to build mutual understanding between healthcare providers and peoplw who inject drugs (PWID).The HRAC daily refers people to healthcare providers.

IDU Advisory Committee
 – Every month, 25-35 active injection drug users meet at HRAC to discuss issues in the community, define relevancy for the HRAC’s programs/services, updates within the agency, and pursue projects for staff/committee members to push forward with in the Denver community.

Street Outreach – Reach on average 25 persons weekly through mobile distribution of legal harm reduction supplies and wraparound service referrals around Denver.  Staff/volunteers seek out IDU’s that do not access social service agencies.

Advocacy – HRAC works to encourage PWIDs to share their stories and provide their experiences on various health and social issues that directly impact their overall health and well-being as PWIDs  through participation in meetings and PWID-led awareness events. Overdose Awareness, HIV/AIDS Awareness, World Hepatitis Day, and Veteran remembrance opportunities are provided for community members to learn more about health and social issues that are shared with injectors and larger society, who at times stigmatize them.

Lives Saved- As of April 2017, our participants have saved 531 lives due to access to naloxone. A total of 1,396 people have been trained on how to administer naloxone since 2012.

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