Syringe Access – Monday – Friday 9-noon at our 231 E. Colfax Avenue location.  No id is required.  Intake will take about 10 minutes.

Health Education Classes – HIV & Hepatitis C prevention are the cornerstones of agency services.  We offer a peer education class called STRIVE, another that focuses on HIV/HCV 101 prevention, and overdose prevention with access to Naloxone.  STRIVE and HIV/HCV 101 happen in the afternoons, Overdose prevention happens in the mornings.

Testing – HRAC staff provide on-demand testing for HIV, hepatitis C, Chlamydia, and Gonorrha

Vein Care – provided 1 on 1 with a staff member that is a current or former person who injects drugs.

Street Outreach – 2 afternoons a week HRAC staff and a volunteer provide syringes/referrals in high drug traffic areas.

PWID Advisory Committee – Monthly, PWID have a lunch to chat about what’s going on in the community, what’s going on at the HRAC, and provide HRAC programmatic/advocacy direction for the agency.

Referrals to a variety of services in our community are provided upon request.

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